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About Worldspanner

The Worldspanner Universe is a web of tales and games where the heroes, villains, and events connect, where authors and designers weave into an even larger story. Readers and players enjoy that sense of, "Wait, do you know who that is? I remember her!" or "This must be the old battlefield from that other game!"

You can be part of it. Your tale or game will fit right in. Just ask. And best, the nature of the Worldspanner Universe allows seamless weaving between the ordinary that we know and the realms of fantasy and science fiction. Read on to discover why.

Worldspanner is based in the magical realm of Idaho, and is gifted with a wealth of talent from associates across the globe.

Lead designer and author Brett and fellow troublemaker Piper


To contact Worldspanner for support, suggestions, business, or just to pass on a comment, you can:

The Young Buck Proofing/Playtest/Reading Crüe
Finally able to play a just-for-fun game with a mix of Old Guard Crüe and Young Buck Crüe