Dusties Series
Dusties Series

Dusties Series

"It's unlikely you have read anything like this. I didn't know what to expect going in. What I got was a journey of twists, turns, and the most enjoyable characters I've ever met."
"What is Dusties about? I can't tell you, because EVERYTHING is a spoiler. And that's the thrill of it."
— Deyer Blaylock

Dusties is the mother of all unfolding mysteries. It is the genesis of the new escape genre—smart, unexpected, filled with challenge after challenge for both character and reader. Dusties is no light read, but readers who dig in will enter a world like no other.

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"25 plays - We love this game, our most played game because we have the most fun with it and thus it is our favourite and have since bought all the sets."
      Houserule Jay

Home Country

When Duel of Ages II appeared on the hobby boardgaming scene in 2003, it started a war between Euro and American-style game systems. And yet, over time, it became recognized as a system so unique that it displays the best of both worlds.

There are few games with deeper strategy, and no games with more replayability than Duel of Ages. And no game can spin such a natural story that the players talk about long after the game has ended. There are more popular games than Duel of Ages II, but there are few that are so deeply loved.