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Strangers in a dark, bizarre world begin to tug at the mysteries around them. They discover an elusive pattern that could save their lives—if it doesn’t kill them first. The Dusties fantasy series is king of unfolding mystery—smart, unexpected, filled with twist after twist, and with some of the most loved characters found in fantasy.

"The Dusties Series delivers that perfect mix of mystery, adventure, and loved characters."

"I liked the mix of mystery, romance and adventure. I like characters of integrity like Rodrigo, Hope, Scarlet, and Phoebe. I probably read about 20 fantasy books per year. Right now, I'm going through post-series depression. It's hard to let go of those characters I've gotten to know so well and move on to the next series. The plot was very good. It did a good job of leaving just enough clues so that things didn't seem random or arbitrary, but not so much as to give everything away."

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