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Strangers in a dark, bizarre world begin to tug at the mysteries around them. They discover an elusive pattern that could save their lives—if it doesn’t kill them first. The Dusties fantasy series is king of unfolding mystery—smart, unexpected, filled with twist after twist, and with some of the most loved characters found in fantasy.

"The Dusties Series delivers that perfect mix of mystery, adventure, and loved characters."

"I don't normally give out 5 star reviews, but this book is truly worth it. I don't remember how I managed to find it, but so glad that I did. It's a beautiful story filled with action, romance, puzzles, and even simple life for those of very un-simple origins. The book draws you in, but in very complex ways. If look away at the wrong time, or too early, maybe too late, then it tries to escape from you. So whatever you do, once you pick it up follow through and don't set it down unless you're at a predetermined cut-off, i.e. the next chapter. Trust me, it's worth it, but you do keep your Promise once you make it."

      Stephen Kutz - USA Home Country